LDH and our partners across the world work together to provide the right product to the right specification at the right time. Every time.


All suppliers are regularly audited and approved to meet recognised industry standards and codes of practice, and can…


Quality is key and covers both the intrinsic safety of food products and the look, aroma and of course the taste. Our well-established…

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LDH are committed to providing total logistics solutions, from the factory to our final customer. We identify the appropriate…

LDH is the leading UK Own Label supplier of canned tomato products, fish, fruit and vegetables, dried pasta and other ambient foods to the major UK supermarkets.

Our world-class reputation for sourcing packaged grocery products from all over the world is underpinned by our expertise and experience in selecting the right products at the right quality and at truly competitive prices.

In June 2018 we were delighted to be voted the UK ‘Own Label Supplier of the Year’, winning this prestigious and coveted Gold Award from The Grocer. Feedback from judges shows that our customers appreciate our ‘customer-intimate’ approach; we are ‘focused, quick to respond’, willing & able to ‘take complete ownership of the projects’. Attributes which, to quote The Grocer, ‘are top priorities for retailers operating in an increasingly pressured climate’.

We also proudly own and represent several well-known brands which allow us to offer total category management, supported by our in-depth understanding of core categories.

Importantly, our shareholders La Doria, Thai Union Group and Di-Martino supply the majority of our ranges, accounting for about 70% of turnover.

With 60 years’ experience supplying the foods which British shoppers love, LDH is proud to be acknowledged as a leading supplier to UK retailers in a wide range of categories, sourced from every corner of the world.
We are an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), awarded by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to enterprises voluntarily meeting a wide range of criteria, working in close cooperation with customs authorities to assure the common objective of supply chain security and entitles the holders to enjoy benefits throughout the EU.