LDH is the exclusive route to the UK market for all products manufactured and exported by our shareholders, which gives them a vital role in our performance and growth, and gives us the influence to prioritise the products our customers want.

Our Shareholders

La Doria

Di Martino

Thai Union Group


La Doria

La Doria pioneered Italy’s large-scale processing of tomato-based products and canned vegetables. The family-owned business now operates 6 specialised factories in Italy including their historic site at Angri in Southern Italy where the Ferraioli family established the La Doria enterprise in 1954.

Angri is located in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese area of the “red gold district”, Italy’s tomato heartland. This area has a long history in cultivating the renowned San Marzano tomatoes, leading to the sustained growth of the agro-industrial district which remains the main centre of production in Italy for tomato products.

The leading supplier of own-label fruit juices in Italy, La Doria introduced own-label canned tomatoes and pulses to the UK and now exports globally.

Strong grower partnerships, many of which stretch back for decades, ensure the high quality demanded by retailers. High-capacity and highly efficient production is backed by vertical integration and a commitment to investment and innovation to offer flexibility of recipe, packaging and service levels at highly attractive prices.

Accreditations: IFS, BRC, Organic, Kosher, ISO 26000, ISO 14001, ISO 22005 POMODORO, ISO 22005 BASILICO

Di Martino

Established in Gragnano, the historic pasta town of Italy, in 1912, Pastificio Di Martino has remained a family-owned and run business to this day. The original factory was completely rebuilt in 1985 after extensive earthquake damage. This site has two long pasta lines and two short pasta lines.

Based in Gragnano too, Pastificio Dei Campi has a smaller facility where Di Martino uses the best Italian durum wheat semolina and traditional methods to dry the pasta and specialise in high quality traditional and unusual shapes.

As a result of the production process, heritage and product quality, together with the peculiar local aquifer water which is mixed to durum wheat semolina, we’re able to offer the prestigious IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) status for our superior Italian pasta.

A third facility was established in Pastorano, just north of Naples, boasting one of the largest shapes and spaghetti production lines in Italy and capable of handling 240 tonnes of semolina daily.

Accreditations: BRC, IGP, IFS, ISO 9001

Thai Union Group

Thai Union Group PCL is the world’s seafood leader, bringing high quality, healthy, tasty and innovative seafood products to customers across the world for 45 years.

Today, Thai Union is regarded as one of the world’s leading seafood producers and is one of the largest producers of shelf-stable tuna products with a global workforce of more than 44,000 people who are dedicated to pioneering sustainable, innovative seafood products.

The company’s global brand portfolio includes market-leading international brands such as John West, Petit Navire, Parmentier and King Oscar.

As a company committed to innovation and globally responsible behavior, Thai Union is proud to be a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and a founding participating company of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). In 2015, Thai Union introduced its SeaChange sustainability strategy. Find out more at Thai Union’s on-going work on sustainability issues was recognized when the company was listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the eighth consecutive year in 2021 and ranked number two in the world on the Food Products Industry Index. Thai Union was also named to the FTSE4Good Emerging Index for the fifth straight year in 2020.

Accreditations: GMP, HACCP, BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, Kosher, Halal, BAP

Global Sourcing

With 60 years’ experience supplying the foods which British shoppers love, LDH is proud to be acknowledged as a leading supplier of a wide range of products sourced from every corner of the world.

Working together with our shareholders and supplier partners, we aim through our integrated logistics platform to deliver quality products at best value.

How we serve our customers

  • Experts in end-to-end supply chain management
  • State of the art automated warehousing
  • Long term partner suppliers
  • Market leading technical support
  • Continuous NPD & EPD
  • Market insights and category management
  • …and much more!

Some of our customers include