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We are always applying our expertise to source new products to strengthen our customers’ ranges. Our current categories include, but are not limited to, these. For more information, please contact us at enquiries@ldhltd.com.

Anti-pasti & pesto: We can produce and source an extensive range of Italian foods and ingredients including pesto, and anti-pasti Italian preserved vegetables including sun-dried tomatoes, aubergines and artichokes
Olive Oils: Including Extra Virgin Olive Oils from southern Italy
Vinegars and Condiments: From soy and chilli table sauces, to balsamic vinegars of any flavour and age including increasingly-popular balsamic glazes
Pickles, Ketchups & Chutneys: Gherkins & Cornichons and Chutneys & Ketchups in a variety of flavours and tailored to specific recipe needs
Cooking Sauces & Stir Fry Sauces: We can create recipes for authentic cooking sauces, curries and stir-fries, including ranges sourced from their authentic homes in Italy, Asia and across the world

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