Our fisheries are experts in sourcing sustainable fish from across the globe, perfectly preserved to deliver the highest quality.

Mackerel: Traditional and innovative recipe products
Tuna: Pole & Line Tuna, Skipjack and Yellowfin from all the world’s Oceans; water-based, oil-based and flavoured, in combinations of steaks, chunks and/or flakes, and with added ingredients such as tuna salads.
See our Tuna Sustainability Promise here.
Salmon: Pink and red in cans and pouches including skinless and boneless
Sardines: From Portugal and Morocco our partners produce traditional recipes and skinless and boneless fillets
Pilchards: From all over the world, in cans, including the iconic Glenryck brand
Anchovies, Herring, Crab and Mussels: In cans and glass, with oil and flavoured, from all over the world and sourced from specific locations such as mussels from Galicia.


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Product Range