LDH is committed to sourcing sustainable seafood.

The skipjack tuna used for our customers and for our brands  is caught using pole and line or by the  purse seine  fishing method without the use of FADS ( Fish Aggregation Devices).

We work closely with our supplier partners who demonstrate high levels of sustainability in their fishing operations and have full traceability back to  vessels which must be legal and operate responsibly.

We aim to deliver a fully traceable, verifiable chain of custody encompassing vessels, canneries and processors.

In addition, our supplier partners work closely with, and adhere to the principles of the ISSF ( International Seafood Sustainability Foundation) and use tuna that is either from a fishery that is MSC  approved or in a fishery improvement programme working towards MSC accreditation.

Together with our Shareholder and partners we strive to ensure that the seas are sustainable, and that those who work on vessels and in factories are safe, legally employed and empowered.